Mathtopia feels more like a game than a färdighetsträningsapp! (thanks Sweden)

I presume that is some pretty high praise!

Swedish Review of Mathtopia (according to Google translate)

At first glance, one might wonder if it really can be fun to answer a lot of math,… Thanks [to] Mathtopia’s design, the answer is that it can be both fun and addictive. Mathtopia feels more like a game than a färdighetsträningsapp and that is precisely what is so great because it so to speak, get skills in the bargain.

The reviewer mentioned that all the text was in English and still recommends Mathtopia to her fellow compatriots citing ease of use despite the foreign language.

I liked this review so much I’ve decide to add some Svenska (Swedish) translations to some of the screens for our next update!

Tack så mycket, Sweden!

Localizing Mathtopia

Translating Mathtopia to foreign languages has been fun and interesting.

I’ve learned  new words that I will probably never forget. One of my favorites, ironically, is “Anleitung”. Ironic because the word means “instructions” which I notoriously disregard in favor of trying my own thing.

The Germans may laugh at my pronunciation of “Anleitung”, but to me it sounds so sweet as it rolls off the tongue.

On a related note, if I forget a semicolon at the end of a translation, the compiler (Xcode) gives this completely “foreign” error message: “The data couldn’t be read because it has been corrupted.”

A super scary error message the first time you see it, but it “translates to”, “You forgot a semicolon at the end of a line somewhere. Happy hunting.”