Mathtopia is 2 1/2 times more engaging than "average" educational games!

An interesting statistic about educational apps is that when a kid sits down to use one, she will use an educational game 33% longer than a plain educational app*.

Another interesting statistic… one that we are particularly proud of… when a student sits down with Mathtopia+, they play 2 ½ times longer than other educational games* – and over 3 times longer than a plain educational app.

Mathtopia Usage
Mathtopia+ use is dramatically longer than typical educational apps

It is no mystery, games make learning fun. Games and songs engage kids. After you earn the child’s attention, then you can teach a lesson. That’s the philosophy that drives our product development. That’s why we made the Mathtopia series the most addictive and fun math games for kids. (although we understand a lot of parents like to play too!)

* source = Flurry analytics