About Us

It is “easy” to get an app in the App Store℠.

It is hard to make one that harnesses what we know about learning to engage and build skills. Omega Labs is mobilizing the education revolution. We make apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch.

Our mission is to revolutionize education with dynamic and engaging apps that provide meaningful feedback to educators, students, and parents about learning outcomes.

We believe:

  • Instruction should adapt to learning style, speed, retention and previous knowledge to keep the student in the zone of proximal development.
  • Hot links are a resource, not instruction.
  • Students are self-motivated to learn when presented with instant feedback and intermittent rewards.

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Who We Are


Eric Oemig
Eric Oemig

Eric Oemig
Chief Executive Officer
While serving in the Washington State Senate, Senator Oemig was the Vice Chairman of the Education Committee, served on the Quality Education Council, and Oemig was a key leader in passing landmark education reform in the state in 2009. Before joining the Senate, Senator Oemig was a Performance Manager at Microsoft, ensuring teams shipped quality, useful products. He served on the boards of First Robotics Washington and Technically Learning (now part of Code.org) helping to ignite passion in math, science and engineering for school kids.


Mary Oemig
Mary Oemig

Mary Oemig
Chief Operations Officer, General Counsel, and Curriculum Consultant
A lifelong learner who studied cognitive science in education and rhetoric and composition before becoming a technology lawyer, Mary merges her loves of science, technology, research, education, and architecting systems and procedures in her roles at Omega Labs Inc. Most recently Mary obtained a Montessori early childhood education certificate and ran an education cooperative that used best practices to nurture young gifted and talented learners. Prior to that, Mary’s legal practice consisted of advising technology companies on complex copyright and trade secret issues arising in the labor, product development, marketing, licensing, civil litigation and mergers and acquisition contexts. Her clients included Microsoft, Apple, Napster, Good Technology, Cisco and a number of smaller companies. Her current passion is improving education through research and evidence based interventions.


Dee Oemig
Software Test Engineer and Mathematics Education Consultant 
Dee is a former public school math teacher, chair of the math department, and winner of numerous awards for quality in teaching. After more than thirty years in education including bringing technology and programming to her school, Dee fulfilled a dream of becoming a software test engineer, working for Microsoft and AT&T among others. At Omega Labs she combines her past and present to bring the best of education to her grandchildren.

Dee’s honors include

  • Wisconsin Nominee for Presidential Award of Excellence in Teaching 1991.
  • Tandy Technology Outstanding Teacher Award 1990.
  • Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers Outstanding Teacher Award 1989.
  • Brass Lamp Award – Teachers Association -1997.