Hints and Tips

Are you stuck? Looking for a way out. Here are some ideas.

Did you answer a question wrong and want to get rid of that stuck tile? Are you having trouble finding matches to remove tiles?

  • HammerShuffleTry a hammer tile to smash the locked tile or a shuffle tile to move things around. Watch how.
  • If you locked, for example, 3 + 8, keep matching the 11 answer tile to expressions until the bar underneath the 11 turns red. The locked tile will explode!
  • Try a multi-touch slide. Using two fingers (even two hands) slide tiles from multiple directions to make three, four, even five in a row. Watch how.¬†Use multi-touch slide to earn special tiles. Watch how.

If you are looking to increase your level speed, learn how to quickly change the active answer tile. Watch how.

Be aware–these won’t save you every time. If you don’t pay close attention to how you solve the sliding puzzle you can get stuck and will need to Restart the level to continue.

Happy playing!

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