Math Learning in the Summer and a Few Thank Yous

Keep Math Facts Fresh Over the Summer

With summer vacations from school starting, its time to load the family devices with math fact games that keep facts fresh. !!! Check out our guest blog on Edshelf: Facts. Facts. Apps! We tell you about a couple of the ones the kids in our house actually enjoy using. Because when the goal is practice, it doesn’t matter what an app is rated, what matters is that your kids will use it over and over and over again.

Thank Yous!!

We always love to thank those of you who have given us a kind mention (and we love to learn from those of you who have harder feedback)!

In that spirit, thanks to David Kapuler of Technology Tidbits who compares us to Candy Crush and says he “highly recommends checking out Mathtopia”.

And thanks to Learning Works for Kids, which has a great site that evaluates apps based on thinking and academic skills used. I’ve used their tools to find a best fit app for children in our house.

Learning Works for Kids gave Mathtopia an LQ of 8.7 out of ten, with a brain grade of 9 and a fun grade of 8.4. Given our subject matter, math facts, we are pretty proud of those numbers.

Learning Works for Kids says “Mathtopia combines fun, competition and math practice, making it a highly recommended math game for children ages 5 and older.” We were excited to see that they agreed that we had met our development goal: “Mathtopia improves players’ ability to complete short term goals, keeps them from wasting time, and heightens their in-game concentration, as they strive for higher scores, faster times, and more correct answers.”



–The Team

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